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Essential Pest Control Services Throughout East Valley, Phoenix

Our team of pests control specialists provides prompt and effective pest control throughout the East Valley area. While residents of the area have come to know and love the hot weather and the air-conditioned homes for when they need a break from it, unfortunately, pests do too. Living in the desert, some of the pests in these areas can be dangerous, but our team will turn your home back into the comfortable oasis it should be. In doing so, some of the areas we serve include:

  • Gilbert
  • Mesa
  • Tempe
  • Chandler
  • Queen Creek


Pest control services in these areas can not only provide a well-deserved level of additional comfort in a home, but it can actually keep homeowners and business owners safe from some of the dangerous pests in the area. Warm environments hold some of the most venomous organisms on Earth, and we are proud to protect East Valley, Phoenix community. We recommend keeping an eye on the following pests if you live in the area, and contact us if you run into any issues:

  • Black widows

Although these spiders usually only bite when threatened or disturbed, if they are living in your home rent-free, it can be easy to disturb them unexpectedly. When you consider its proximity to humans and the likelihood of encountering one, it is one of the most dangerous spiders that can be found in your home. Unfortunately, there are 22 different types of black widow spiders throughout Phoenix and the Sonoran Desert. If you suspect a spider infestation, especially a black widow infestation, the safest precaution is to call pest control to have the spiders exterminated and to help prevent a future invasion.

Although these creatures are not dangerous, their size is impressive and their hairy legs make quite a statement. No matter how scary these spiders look, it is important to remember that they are harmless, but they can bite. Plus, they are attracted to food sources, so if you find these snack thieves lurking in your pantry, give us a call.

  • Termites

As it turns out, some of the same pests that can be found throughout the East Valley, Phoenix area can also be found all throughout the country. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, termites cause nearly $40 billion in damage each year and destroy parts of more than 600,000 homes in the U.S. alone. If you are having a termite issue, we can help get it under control by treating the perimeter of your home with a liquid or foaming control agent that will kill the termite on contact and prevent them from entering the property at all.

  • Ants

Ants are some of the most common insects in Arizona and they are the pest that causes homeowners to seek pest control services most often. Ants are attracted to food sources, which is abundant in many homes. Some of the most common types of ants in this area include fire ants, crazy aunts, house ants, pharaoh ants, and rover ants.

There is so much to love about East Valley, Phoenix, and about Arizona as a whole. Our breathtaking state is a nature lover’s dream, but that also means it is filled with exactly that – wildlife! Arizona is made up of 14 different biomes, which is the scientific term for a large, naturally occurring community occupying a major habitat. All 14 biomes are abundant with diverse vegetation, animals, bugs, insects, and beyond. While this makes it a great place to explore, it also means our homes are prone to pest infestations. At Green Machine Pest Control, we are dedicated to keeping the homes of East Valley, Phoenix comfortable by evicting the most unwanted roommates of all – pests!

For rigorous pest control services in East Valley Phoenix, call Green Machine Pest Control at 480-712-1105 or contact us online.


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