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Known for our remarkable views of the Superstition Mountains and our gorgeous desert climate, Mesa, Arizona, is the third-largest city in Arizona for good reason. Our city is jampacked with amenities and attractions, coupled by exciting outdoor activities. We have a wealth of experience in controlling pests and keeping customers happy. Our goal is to target nesting areas throughout a home and eliminate a problem before it arrives. As a small company, we give you the touch of personalization you deserve as we restore your home to the safe and comfortable state you need.


Because pest infestation tends to be a major problem in homes throughout the Mesa area, preparing for our arrival often requires more than making a phone call and sitting back. While we will certainly take the burden off of your shoulders once we arrive, it never hurts to be extra prepared to free your home of pests. Preparing properly for our Mesa pest control services will create a safer environment and help ensure that our services last longer.

For one, clearing out the area where you have been experiencing problems with pests will allow us to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Not only that, but it will allow us to find other potential problem spots in your home with greater ease. This means fewer exterminator visits in the long run and more time spent relaxing in your home. It is also important to let us know if anyone in the home has allergy issues or any other conditions that would be bothered by certain exterminating chemicals. This will help us keep your home safe and enjoyable for those inside of it. Other steps you can take to prepare for your exterminator’s arrival include:

  • Prepare the kitchen

Oftentimes, pests in the home are attracted to food sources. You do not need to be messy in order to come across this issue. Even small crumbs can attract bugs and lead to an infestation issue. For that reason, clearing out old food in the pantry and kitchen will help us get to the source when it comes to finding the problem areas in your home.

  • Prepare the members of the household

The ultimate goal of pest control is to protect the members of the household. The last thing we want to do is throw members off guard and inconvenience their day. Planning with kids, pets, and even adults who do not want to be disturbed can help our visit go as smoothly as possible. Plus, when all of the members of the household are on the same page, they will be able to communicate with you about bug issues you might not have even known about. This will allow us to take care of as many household bug issues as we can in one visit.

  • Take note of pest locations

When pets become quite literally pests, it can be easy to assume you’ll remember where they live when we arrive. However, when your appointment time comes around, you might get caught up in the details of the visit and forget to mention an important infested area you might have noticed before. The last thing you want to do is forget about some of the pests in your home and miss an opportunity for us to get rid of them. Even if you are not sure where all of the pests are located, though, you can trust our team to be diligent in our mission to turn your home into a pest-free zone.

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