Instead of heading to Walmart or The Home Depot to get a can of kill-on-contact bug spray, let us use our pet and child friendly product to help eliminate whatever is “bugging” you.

The Initial Service
To create the BUG-FREE ZONE, we start with a flushing treatment.  This service concentrates on flushing out the adult pests from their hiding spots.  This can eliminate close to 80% of those egg-laying little suckers.  On occasion, a new customer will notice the “everybody out” effect.  This is where adults in the nest begin to die and the nest is evacuated.  This is good.  The product is working.  Because of this, you may experience more bug activity in the first 10 days after the service.  If the problem persists, give us a call and we will come right over to re-treat for you right away at no charge!

Catching The Eggs As They Hatch
Pest control products are not able to eliminate the eggs.  So we come every other month and take action to clean, maintain, and eliminate the pests on your property by catching the eggs as they hatch.
We start each service by cleaning the eaves from all spiderwebs and wasp nests.  This keeps the house looking good, but it also keeps bugs from finding their way in through your attic vents and then down into your walls.
Then we put up a repellant barrier around the base of your home.  This is like police tape for bugs.  It keeps the crawling bugs from leaving their breeding grounds and finding their way into your nice cool home.
And finally, the most important part.  Bugs start off by nesting in your yard long before they make it to the house.  So we target typical nesting areas throughout the yard and make your yard more enjoyable for your kids to play in without any stings or bites!

Inside the home
If you ever need an inside service, just let us know when you are home and we will schedule a technician to promptly come take care of the inside of your home.  This is an unlimited service we provide with our alternate monthly pest control service.

Make your home a BUG-FREE ZONE today!

Call (480) 331-1009 to schedule an appointment.