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Green Machine is your local pest control Gilbert AZ company here to help with any unwanted guests you might be dealing with. Pest problems are never a fun situation, however, there is help. Gilbert Pest control specializes in the removal of rodents, bugs, and various other pests as well. Having these unwanted guests can seem innocent at first, see a mouse, put down a mousetrap, however, they can quickly get out of control. That’s where we at Green Machine Pest Control comes in. We work with our clients to take back their home and their lives. Having these creatures live among us is natural in the outdoors, but not inside. We have an experienced team that will safely and effectively remove all the pests for you.

What is the Pest Control Process?

  1. First, we will come and inspect the situation as well as the perimeter of the home. This will allow us to see if there is a place that is allowing these pests inside such as a crack in the foundation or a hole somewhere. Closing off the entryway will stop more pests from coming in. 
  2. From there, we will address the situation at hand. Many times, it’s not just one type of pest either. Pests such as rodents will often have snakes that follow for example. And, getting them both out is important. This is why a quick inspection helps us determine what kinds of pests we are dealing with. Not all of them show themselves easily either.

To be in the pest control business in Gilbert we have to know and understand how pests work, think, and move around. Pest control specialists study the habits of the various species to know and understand how to locate and find them as well as trap them. Getting pests out of homes, offices, and buildings is our specialty and we are happy to help you with this.

Give Green Machine Pest Control a call at (480) 470-5266 or contact us online to discuss pest control services in Gilbert AZ. 

Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Gilbert, AZ

We work with both residential and commercial pest control and offer monthly services as well. Restaurants, for example, are a prime target for pests as there is ample food around, making it a nice cozy spot for all species to inhabit. But, the health department frowns deeply on such inhabitants and it can really cost the business a lot of money if shut down, as well as their reputation. Having a pest control company such as Green Machine Pest Control can help you avoid shutting down while keeping the pests at bay. Keeping these pests at bay will save you many headaches in the future, as most pests can quickly get out of control.

Why Should You Call a Professional Exterminator in Gilbert, AZ?

There are many reasons that DIY pest control options do not work:

  • The first reason is that the homeowners or business owners are not trained in how to find the pests nest and take it over. 
    • This is a skill that we train for as many insects have a pattern, learning and understanding this pattern helps us not just kill a few cockroaches or ants but get to the very source of the problem, the nest. 
  • This nest may not even be in your building, but a few houses down and they may not know they have a problem. 
    • We want to get to the pests at the source and stop them in their tracks from invading anyone’s home again. 
  • Many times the DIY solutions only kill what you see, which is the surface of the problem and they will continue to breed and the hive will get larger.

We Work with All Kinds of Pests - Bugs, Rats, and Mice

Other pests besides bugs can get aggressive such as rats and mice. Especially if they are living in your attic and you approach them. This can quickly become a very dangerous situation and should be done by a professional. Of course, rat colonies are not anything most people want to go near, but that’s our specialty. Mice can be cute, but not when they leave their feces in your walls. As with most rodents, they are not only health hazards due to the possibility of fleas and other insects, but leave messes and chew wires. This wire chewing can cause house fires due to the electrical wires being chewed. Getting rodents out isn’t just for your health but for your peace of mind as well. Call your trusted source for Gilbert pest solutions today.

For high-quality pest control services in Gilbert, call our team at (480) 470-5266 or contact us online today!

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