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Our Guarantee

We Guarantee Our Services

Our goal is to deliver the best service possible. We want the bugs gone as much as you do. We might not need to tell you this, but there are a lot of benefits to having a BUG-FREE ZONE. So with that, we will apply product as necessary to seek out and eliminate nests on your property. We guarantee to giveyou the best service possible, every time!

We want what you want, and that's no bugs. While we can't guarantee that a few stragglers won't make it past our barriers, we will do our best to create an environment where insects won't want to live, so you can be confident in your surroundings.


  • Quality Products
    We only use the best products! We ensure that they are pet and kid friendly.
  • Trained Technicians
    All of our technicians are background checked, trustworthy, and they even carry treats for your dogs.
  • Prioritize the Customer
    We truly care about our customers and always do what is best for them.


Instead of heading to Walmart or The Home Depot to get a can of kill-on-contact bug spray, let us use our pet and child-friendly products to help eliminate whatever is “bugging” you.

  • The Initial Service: To create a bug-free zone, we start with a flushing treatment. This service concentrates on flushing out the adult pests from their hiding spots. This can eliminate close to 80% of adults. On occasion, a new customer will notice the "everybody out" effect. This is where adults in the nest begin to die and the nest is evacuated. This is a good thing, and indicates the product is working. Because of this, you may experience more bug activity in the first 10 days after the service. If the problem persists, give us a call and we will come right over to re-treat at no charge.
  • Catching the Eggs as They Hatch: Pest control products are not able to eliminate the eggs, so we arrive every other month to take action. We clean, maintain, and eliminate the pests on your property by catching the eggs as they hatch. We start each service by cleaning the eaves from all spiderwebs and wasp nests. This keeps the house looking good, and also keeps bugs from finding their way in through your attic vents and then down your walls.
  • Repellent Barrier: We put a protective barrier around the base of your home. It keeps the crawling bugs from leaving their breeding grounds and finding their way into you nice, cool home. We target typical nesting areas throughout the yard and make your yard more enjoyable for your kids and pets to play in without any stings or bites.
  • Inside the Home: If you ever need an inside service, just let us know. Whenever you are home, we will schedule a technician to promptly come to take care of the inside of your home. This is an unlimited service we provide with our alternate monthly pest control services in Chandler.

No matter what type of pest control services you need, Green Machine Pest Control can help! Call us today at (480) 470-5266 or contact us online.

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