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Do you suspect a rodent has moved into your home uninvited? These pesky visitors are challenging to find and remove. Sometimes, even after trapping and removing them from your home, they find their way back in. This is incredibly frustrating. Rats, mice, and other rodents are also known carriers of disease, and you do not want to risk the health of your family or pets. Our rodent control specialists in Chandler and Gilbert can help. We will inspect your home, identify what pests you are dealing with, and provide you with a precise treatment plan. When you need your rodent problems handled quickly and effectively, call Green Machine Pest Control.

For a free, in-person inspection and estimate for our rodent control services in Chandler and the surrounding area, contact us at (480) 470-5266.

Identifying a Rodent Issue 

Mice and rats are common household pests in Arizona. They come inside, looking for food, water, and shelter. Typically, rodents prefer to make nests in tight, dark spaces that are generally undisturbed. In your home, this means that they are prone to making nests behind walls, in electrical service boxes, and attics or basements. They tend to use paper and other soft goods to build their nests.

Signs you have a rodent in your home include:

  • Bite or gnaw marks on food containers and/or furniture
  • Rodent feces in cupboards
  • The sound of scratching or scurrying behind walls
  • Greasy marks along walls and floorboards, also known as rodent tracks
  • Your pet stares or barks at the ceiling

If you see a mouse or rat in your home, it’s a good idea to contact an experienced rodent control expert, like ours at Green Machine Pest Control. Do not try to pick up rodents on your own. In addition to often carrying diseases, they are known to be aggressive when they feel threatened, and they will bite you.

Prevent Rodents from Coming Inside

Because of their small size, house mice are very good at finding sneaky ways into your home. Things like poorly sealed windows and doorways, cracks in your foundation, and service entrances where electricity and other utilities connect to your home are common entry points for rodents. Additionally, rats and other rodents may also make their way into your home via power lines and overhanging tree branches. Sealing possible entry points and removing as many overhanging branches as possible can significantly reduce the chance of rodents making their way inside.

Common rodents in Arizona that you may see in your home include:

  • Deer mice
  • House mice
  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • Woodrats or pack rats

Deer mice are known to carry the deadly hantavirus. Hantavirus is transmitted through the inhalation of dust particles that contain infected mice feces. While these mice tend to burrow outside in trees and other rural locations, you may still run into them in residential homes. If you discover a mouse nest, it is recommended that you contact professional pest control services right away.

We Help You Ward Off Rodents

Another major issue with rodent infestations is the damage they can do to your home. They can tear holes in your walls, damage your furniture, gnaw through utility wires, and start electrical fires. The best way to stop this damage is to contact our Chandler rodent control team at the first sign of rodents. At Green Machine Pest Control, we are committed to providing every customer with superior rodent extermination services. All of our technicians are well-trained and have gone through background checks. We know you expect the best, and so, we only hire the best. Due to our dedication to quality service, we have received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

With Green Machine Pest Control, you are family. Contact us today at (480) 470-5266.


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