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Green Machine Pest Control is the #1 Scorpion Service in Arizona. WE'LL pay YOU if you find a live one! Check out the details below:


  • If you find a scorpion alive in your first year, we will refund your initial $500 service fee.
  • Bimonthly Treatments
  • Interior and Exterior Dusting
  • Cinderblock Wall Dust & Seal ($1500 value!)
  • No Breeding Zone Customer Education
  • Annual Termite Inspection
  • The friendliest technicians in the industry
  • BONUS: 6 months FREE Termite Warranty

This deal covers all of the General Pest Control Bugs but includes Scorpions as the main focus!

Your home should be safe. No surprises.


Home Protection Plan

$45/per month

Covers over 40 Common Household Pests Including Ants, Spiders, Scorpions, Crickets, Earwigs, Cockroaches, Wasps, Silverfish, beetles, and More!


Home Protection Premium

$69/per month


Covers all of the General Pest Control Bugs and also includes bait stations when needed to kill rats, and a warranty to treat Termites at no cost.


$375 ($675 VALUE)

Scorpion Plus

$75/per month


Covers all of the General Pest Control Bugs but includes Scorpions as the main focus.


$499 ($1,749 VALUE)



Take a quick video of the scorpion and email it to and we handle the rest!

The Fine Print

  • MUST be on the Scorpion Plus Program to Qualify.
  • The $100 warranty starts 90 days after the Initial Flushing Treatment. Scorpions can still be in the walls for up to a year with no food or water. Our Initial Flushing Treatment is meant to flush them out, however, it can take 90 days or more for them to make their way out for food. We feel it’s only fair that we not be held to random sightings during that time period.
  • The scorpion must be inside the home and alive.
  • The $100 is a credit towards your service with us.
  • To avoid false claims, to claim the $100, you must submit a quick video of the Scorpion to so we can see it alive. 
  • Green Machine is not liable for hospital visits, doctor visits, anti-venom shots, or health insurance claims. This program is strictly a warranty on the service.

More Scorpion Information


Arizona has many different species of scorpions. In the Sonoran Desert, homeowners are familiar with these pests. Many people find them unsettling and are afraid of their sting. While most scorpion stings won’t cause serious injury to humans, they are still unpleasant, and you do not want scorpions setting up shop in and around your home. Our scorpion control experts at Green Machine Pest Control are well-versed in dealing with scorpions, and we can help you protect your home and your family.

Did you know that the only continent that does not have scorpions is Antarctica? Many people think that scorpions are a type of insect, but they are predatory arachnids and are related to spiders. Much like spiders, scorpions have eight legs instead of the six that insects have. They are easily identified by their large pincers and curling, segmented tail and stinger. Typically, scorpions are nocturnal and do not come out during the day. They are most active during the summer months.

Common species of scorpion in Arizona are:

  • Bark scorpion
  • Giant hairy scorpion
  • Stripetail scorpion
  • Yellow ground scorpion

The bark scorpion is the type of scorpion most people in Arizona have heard of as they are the scorpions most found in Arizona homes. They are smaller than giant hairy scorpions and striped tail scorpions. They are also recognizable by their slender pincers and tail. They are light brown and are usually two to three inches long.

The giant hair scorpion is the largest scorpion species in the U.S. and can grow upwards of four inches. Stripetail scorpions are usually under three inches long and are recognizable by, as their name implies, the stripes on their tail. The yellow ground scorpion is similar in shape to the bark scorpion and can be found under rocks.

Scorpions are not specifically drawn to houses unless there is a good reason for them to enter. Houses with people living in them aren’t as inviting to a scorpion as an empty home is. Now, sometimes they do make their way into people’s homes. The main 4 reasons a scorpion would enter a home is because they search for darkness, moisture, shelter, and food. Scorpions feed on on insects like spiders, flies, and beetles. So, if your house has any of these in them it could attract scorpions.

While scorpion stings are generally not dangerous, children have a higher risk of more severe reactions. It is essential to do what you can to discourage scorpions from taking up residence in and around your home. As they are small, they can get into tight spaces with relative ease. Additionally, you may find them in surprising locations, like your pool. However, there are things you can do to help prevent them from moving in.

Useful prevention techniques to keep scorpions at bay include:

  • Keep your yard free of trash and debris as scorpions like to burrow under things
  • Do not let your yard become overgrown
  • Seal up potential entrance points for scorpions, such as cracks and holes
  • Keep crawlspaces and basements clean and tidy

You should always check for scorpions before sticking your hand in tight spaces. Scorpions are frequently found under rocks and inside utility boxes. You may also find them in boxes and piles in your basements, garages, and storage areas.

Many exterminators are only able to cut off a scorpion’s food supply. While this tactic may help some with scorpion reduction, it doesn’t do anything about the scorpions that are already there. Our scorpion control experts kill both scorpions and their food supply. This means that your home or business will indeed be scorpion free.

Green Machine Pest Control cares about you and your family’s safety. When you hire us to handle your scorpion infestation, you can be sure you are getting adequate service from a company you can trust. 90% of our customers report that their scorpion problem was 100% resolved after the first visit. If you are dealing with a higher than average scorpion infestation, we will provide you with a precise treatment plan and expert-level service.

For our team, it isn’t enough to simply remove scorpions and their food supply. We know how discomforting and dangerous scorpions can be, which is why we offer our Scorpion Seal. This seal means our team takes a closer look at areas of interest in your home to ensure a comfortable space for you and an inhospitable place for pests like scorpions.

We thoroughly evaluate:

  • Cinder block walls, which are known breeding zones for scorpions
  • Door sweeps
  • Weatherstripping around doors
  • Indoor pipe and electrical openings
  • Attic ventilation
  • Pipe and Electrical entries
  • Foundation (J-trim)

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