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Subterranean Termites are the most common Termite in Arizona. It has been said that it’s not “if” you get Termites, but “when” you will have Termites. Our sandy soil is the perfect environment for the wood-eating creatures to navigate underground to find your home. There is no rhyme or reason as to why each home gets Termites. They are blind and rise to the surface in continued search for food. This also explains why sometimes they will build tubes that hang from the ceiling. They have no idea they aren’t headed for more food. A small colony of Subterranean Termites is close to 300,000. A large colony can be up to 2,000,000. This is why acting quickly is the key to minimizing damage to your home.

At Green Machine, we start with a Free Inspection to validate if Termites are on the property and/or the structure. When Termites are discovered, we treat the entire exterior stem wall by trenching around the foundation and injecting Termiticide directly into the soil to protect the home. When Termites are found in the walls or sheetrock, we inject the walls with foam to keep them from progressing through the home and minimize damage.


Termite Warranty

If your home is found to be without any signs of active Termites, we also offer a Monthly Termite Warranty. Many people do not like to get hit with a large Termite treatment bill at an unexpected time. So we offer a monthly coverage that protects you in the event they show up. As long as you pay the monthly coverage, you don’t pay another dime for treatment! We take care of the rest. We check the home every year for Termites to ensure your home is protected, and if you notice anything between, we will schedule a free visit to identify and treat the infestation.

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