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What Plants Attract Scorpions and How to Avoid Them

So, you’ve just moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and you’re loving the sunny vibes and desert landscape. But wait… did you just see a scorpion skittering across your patio? Yikes! 

If you’re wondering “what plants attract scorpions” and how to keep them away from your garden, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the scorpion-proofing basics and keep those creepy crawlies at bay!

Why Scorpions Love Certain Plants

Discover what plants attract scorpions and how Green Machine Pest Control can help you keep your garden scorpion-free.

First off, scorpions aren’t just creepy; they’re also sneaky. They love to hide and surprise you when you least expect it. So, what plants attract scorpions?

1. Dense Vegetation

Thick, bushy plants create the perfect hideout for scorpions. They can easily hide under leaves, within the thick foliage, or in the moist soil beneath. In Phoenix, common culprits include bougainvillea and lantana. Their dense and tangled branches provide perfect cover.

2. Moisture-Rich Plants

Scorpions are desert creatures, but they still need water. Plants that retain moisture, like agave or aloe, can attract these pests. They love the damp environment these plants can create at their base.

3. Flowering Plants

Some flowering plants, like jasmine and oleander, can attract insects that scorpions feed on. More bugs mean a higher likelihood of scorpions moving in for an easy meal.

How to Avoid Attracting Scorpions to Your Garden

Okay, now that you know what plants attract scorpions, how do you avoid inviting these unwelcome guests into your garden? Here are some practical tips:

1. Keep It Trimmed

Regularly trimming your plants and bushes reduces hiding spots. Scorpions are less likely to hang around if they can’t find a good hiding spot. Keep the area around your home clear of dense vegetation.

2. Manage Moisture

Water your plants in the morning so the soil dries out by evening. Avoid overwatering and ensure good drainage to prevent moisture buildup. Less moisture means fewer scorpions.

3. Choose Scorpion-Repelling Plants

Consider adding plants like lavender, marigold, and lemongrass. These plants are known to repel scorpions. Plus, they’ll add a nice touch to your garden without inviting trouble.

4. Eliminate Food Sources

Keep the insect population in check. Use bug repellents or natural predators to reduce the number of insects in your garden. No bugs = no scorpions.

Professional Help: The Green Machine Difference

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, scorpions can still find their way into your garden. That’s where Green Machine Pest Control comes in. We understand your scorpion woes and are here to help.

Free Inspection

Curious if your garden is a scorpion hotspot? We offer a free inspection to identify problem areas and potential attractants. We’ll check what plants attract scorpions and give you a tailored action plan.

Scorpion Elimination

Our team uses safe, effective methods to eliminate scorpions. We don’t just get rid of the scorpions you see; we target their hiding spots and nesting areas to ensure they don’t come back.

Ongoing Prevention

After we’ve tackled the initial problem, we provide ongoing prevention tips and services. Our goal is to make sure your garden stays scorpion-free year-round. Regular check-ins and treatments keep scorpions from making a comeback.

Keep Your Garden Scorpion-Free with Green Machine

Living in Phoenix means enjoying the beauty of the desert—but that doesn’t mean you have to share your space with scorpions. 

Knowing what plants attract scorpions is the first step in keeping them at bay. By managing your garden wisely and enlisting the help of professionals like Green Machine Pest Control, you can enjoy your outdoor space without the worry of unexpected visitors.

Ready to take the next step? Contact Green Machine Pest Control for your free inspection today. Let’s make sure your garden is a sanctuary—for you, not for scorpions.

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