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As our client, you want pet/kid-friendly products that do the job the first time. You want your kids to be safe and to be able to take the trash out at night with bare feet. And you need great communication to help plan for our visits.


Low cost companies are not willing to buy the higher quality products that do the job. To keep their costs low, they will claim “you can’t kill scorpions” or refer out services that are more costly like rodents and termites. Big Brand companies make you feel like just a number. Short visits, and on their schedule, not yours.

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Using the right product for the right season, we eliminate all pests, including scorpions. Our results-driven team delivers peace of mind through our quality service and communication. Check our reviews to see 5 stars, Happy Workers, No Pests! 5 stars, Happy Workers, No Pests.


Frequently Asked Questions

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That is true. They don’t sleep. And their job – day in and day out – is to eat…

They eat cellulose. Cellulose is the main part of wood, straw, paper, insulation, and many other things. The softest cellulose in your home is usually the paper on the sides of the sheetrock on your walls and ceiling.

We also have termite bait stations that work as a preventative to keep termites from entering the home. We don’t use them as a corrective measure because, it would be like putting a hot dog stand outside a buffet and trying to coax people to leave the buffet to have a gourmet hot dog. But if they are not inside yet, they will come straight to the bait stations and keep the damage to your home at a minimum!

If we could pick your house up out of the ground, treat the entire underneath, and then put it back down, then that would make sense. But since we are only able to treat the outline of your home, there are many other ways for termites to get in. They can follow the pipes that come from the ground through your slab for your bathrooms and kitchen. They can easily come up through settling cracks in your slab. Without tearing all of your flooring out and ripping sheetrock off the walls, we will never be able to see every entry they can make. So we treat where we KNOW they can get in and then warranty the entire home, knowing there are lots of other ways in that we will blindly cover so your home is protected.

If you look along the concrete at the edge of the garage, you will see that the slab you park on is not the same piece of concrete as the stem wall. There is a little material in between called an expansion joint. Termites can come up this joint and go right into the house. So you want to have the garage treated whenever possible. Plus 40% of the time we find termites in the garage, so there’s that.


Home Protection Plan

$45/per month

Covers over 40 Common Household Pests Including Ants, Spiders, Scorpions, Crickets, Earwigs, Cockroaches, Wasps, Silverfish, beetles, and More!


Home Protection Premium

$69/per month


Covers all of the General Pest Control Bugs and also includes bait stations when needed to kill rats, and a warranty to treat Termites at no cost.


$375 ($675 VALUE)

Scorpion Plus

$75/per month


Covers all of the General Pest Control Bugs but includes Scorpions as the main focus.


$499 ($1,749 VALUE)


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Commercial Pest Control

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