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If you have a post tension slab, drilling through the concrete can cause severe damage to your home. We adhere to state guidelines, we would trench along any areas where the structure of your home comes down to the edge of the concrete, including pillars for your patio and any wooden posts. This treatment allows the application of termiticide into the soil near any part of your structure within a few inches of the ground.

That depends on your definition of “saves you money.” The barrier burns off much faster so you don’t get lasting protection. Also most termiticides kill termites too quickly so it won’t spread to the queen, and she lays thousands of eggs a day. The colony will replenish and find a new way in, so it’s not only your house that will get eaten. It’s the time spent having technicians come out repeatedly to take care of the new area they are showing up. We know your time is valuable and so is your home. Don’t let both get eaten by using a cheaper product.

If you look along the concrete at the edge of the garage, you will see that the slab you park on is not the same piece of concrete as the stem wall. There is a little material in between called an expansion joint. Termites can come up this joint and go right into the house. So you want to have the garage treated whenever possible. Plus 40% of the time we find termites in the garage, so there’s that.

If we could pick your house up out of the ground, treat the entire underneath, and then put it back down, then that would make sense. But since we are only able to treat the outline of your home, there are many other ways for termites to get in. They can follow the pipes that come from the ground through your slab for your bathrooms and kitchen. They can easily come up through settling cracks in your slab. Without tearing all of your flooring out and ripping sheetrock off the walls, we will never be able to see every entry they can make. So we treat where we KNOW they can get in and then warranty the entire home, knowing there are lots of other ways in that we will blindly cover so your home is protected.

We also have termite bait stations that work as a preventative to keep termites from entering the home. We don’t use them as a corrective measure because, it would be like putting a hot dog stand outside a buffet and trying to coax people to leave the buffet to have a gourmet hot dog. But if they are not inside yet, they will come straight to the bait stations and keep the damage to your home at a minimum!

They eat cellulose. Cellulose is the main part of wood, straw, paper, insulation, and many other things. The softest cellulose in your home is usually the paper on the sides of the sheetrock on your walls and ceiling.

That is true. They don’t sleep. And their job – day in and day out – is to eat…


We come back out for free!

Nope, they’re free with the service.

Yes, we have a customer portal link on our website at the top right. You can also access the portal from any of the links in your “Service Completed” emails.

Dogs, Cats, Tortoises and numerous other animals have no problem with what we use. We would love to know that you have them so we can make sure the gate stays shut or we don’t step on them by accident. There are a few animals that we do have to be extra careful about: birds, fish, and chickens (yes we know they are also birds). If you have any of those, just chat with a team member and we will make sure we are extra careful and only use products that accommodate those pets.

Absolutely! Let us know how you would prefer to be communicated with and we will make it happen!

We notify all customers a minimum of 2 days in advance before each service, via text and email, so it’s never a surprise. If you need to reschedule, just reply to the notice and we will get you taken care of.

We chopped up the price and bill it monthly so you don’t have lopsided months. This helps our customers keep an even budget even throughout the year.

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