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★★★★★ We've been using green machine pest control for over two years and We've had great experience. They communicate with text messages and emails to let us know when they will be here.
- Josh D.
★★★★★ I just started using Green Machine Pest Control. They were gracious enough to take over customers for Green Ninja as he had to close the business for family needs. Chad from Green Machine was personal, thorough, and timely. Explained everything very well. Like the idea they use chemicals that are okay for our environment. Definitely will continue to use them. Thank you Chad!
- Thomas Davis
★★★★★ Had to transition over to Green Machine when our former company closed. My tech Chad was professional, friendly and thorough in explaining their process. I’m hoping that he stays on our route. Their follow up is top notch, providing a breakdown of what products were used and details of the services performed. This along with a copy of the invoice. I’d highly recommend Green Machine after only one use!
- John Hirabayashi
★★★★★ Scott was very friendly and thorough. He let me know what he was going to do and then confirmed his work upon leaving. I'm happy with the service and would recommend Green Machine to others.
- Calista M.
★★★★★ We're new to Green Machine but they have proven to be highly effective for treating our problem. They show up when they say and have the right technician for the job. So far we've been very pleased and have peace of mind their treatment will quickly and effectively eliminate the problem.
- Monte B.
★★★★★ We needed a termite review for a refi and James was very professional, took time with us and deemed our house clean. We appreciated the knowledge and personable approach along with the kindness he showed to our pets.
- Shaw C.
★★★★★ Had to get a termite inspection. The rate is affordable! James was amazing! Very polite and friendly. Knowledgeable when I had questions. Highly recommend Green Machine Pest control!! We’ve been with them for over 5 years.
- Hannah Cepeda
★★★★★ This is our second month of service. Doug was wonderful & I was able to let him know we are only seeing DEAD scorpions (3!) which is huge progress after five years with dozens (live) each year in the house and on the property. So far, we are very impressed & thankful.
- Jennifer Magnano
★★★★★ Scott came out today and sprayed and was very professional and courteous. I started using green machine a few months ago due to a spider infestation and now i rarely see a spider web! Great company and people!
- Alex Culp
★★★★★ Great customer service.. very knowledgeable tech. Would recommend highly as it is a family owned business.
- Sandra R.
★★★★★ Scott from Green Machine as usual, did a great job. Since using them we have seen any pests in the house or the yard. They are priced right and give a military discount!
- Jon E.
★★★★★ I have used their bi-monthly service for six years and have had outstanding service and peace of mind with each service. The technicians are customer focused and efficient. The products are super effective. Thanks to Corey, Chad and the whole team!
- Bj S.
★★★★★ Always great service from Doug S. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. Informs us on little thing we can do to help with any pest issues. He also always bring our dog a milk bone. Very sweet. Been using Green Machine at two houses in the East Valley with zero issues.
- Jarrett M.
★★★★★ We recently moved to Green Machine for our Pest Control. Chad is a great tech and is super friendly. We continue to recommend this company and Chad to our friends and family.
- Sara V.
★★★★★ Our second-month using GMPC and had a new technician, Scott. Although he arrived later than the appointment window, he made up for it in his quality of service along with his friendly and professional demeanor. Scott was extremely thorough in covering all interior and exterior areas. He also found a termite trail during his spraying. I appreciate their follow up email with detailed invoice that outlines the product type and amounts used. Great job!
- John H.
★★★★★ Chad does a great job. Green Machine was recommended by our past pest control service going out of business.
- Sam C.
★★★★★ Thorough, friendly and knowledgeable! A great representative and a great service!
- Denise M.
★★★★★ This is how awesome my Green Machine pest control technician is...Doug is so personable, professional, and my dog loves when he visits. I am thankful for an amazing company who answers all my questions, triple checks my home, and makes sure my yard is thoroughly taken care of.
- Ashley H.
★★★★★ I had Green Machine come to our house, because I saw roof rats in the back yard and on our fence. Michael came out within a day and did a full inspection inside and out. He did a great job, we hired him to put extra screening around our vents on the roof. He did the majority of it the same day. He also put bait boxes out on our fence. I have not seen another roof rat since. We liked Michael so much we cancelled our quarterly pest service with another company to start service with Green Machine. Doug now does our pest service every other month. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. Plus our dog loves to get the treat Doug leaves for him. We are very happy with Green Machine and fully recommend them.
- Heather C.
★★★★★ Not much I can else I can say but the service is fast courteous and very thorough. Scott the technician is our guy. All the outside areas are always done and he dusts for spiders in every nook and cranny. Thank you Scott and please give him a nice top.
- Jeddito C.
★★★★★ Green Machine is the absolute best! We are on a regular pest control treatment plan, but called yesterday because I found a tick on one of my dogs. They came out this morning, did a special treatment in the back yard where the dogs go and there was no additional charge. The technician, Chad, was thorough, patient with questions, and offered helpful tips. Excellent customer service!
- Erin C.
★★★★★ Green Machine has been treating our property for about a year now, and we have not spotted even one scorpion inside or out since they started their treatments. Our technician Chad Stover is very courteous and thorough in his work. We appreciate Chad and Green Machine!
- Kenneth B.
★★★★★ I love the reminders, the service, and information Doug gives me every time he comes.
- Shawn S.
★★★★★ The technician was professional, amicable and thorough! My Max loved him!
- Linda G.
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