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    We've been using green machine pest control for over two years and We've had great experience. They communicate with text messages and emails to let us know when they will be here.

    When we interact with the technicians at our house they are always very friendly and ask us if there's any additional areas to focus on or insects/bugs that we've been seeing.

    I highly recommend them for your pest-control needs!

    - Josh D.

    I just started using Green Machine Pest Control. They were gracious enough to take over customers for Green Ninja as he had to close the business for family needs. Chad from Green Machine was personal, thorough, and timely. Explained everything very well. Like the idea they use chemicals that are okay for our environment. Definitely will continue to use them. Thank you Chad!

    - Thomas Davis

    Had to transition over to Green Machine when our former company closed. My tech Chad was professional, friendly and thorough in explaining their process. I’m hoping that he stays on our route. Their follow up is top notch, providing a breakdown of what products were used and details of the services performed. This along with a copy of the invoice. I’d highly recommend Green Machine after only one use!

    - John Hirabayashi

    Scott was very friendly and thorough. He let me know what he was going to do and then confirmed his work upon leaving. I'm happy with the service and would recommend Green Machine to others.

    - Calista Heath-Martinez

    We're new to Green Machine but they have proven to be highly effective for treating our problem. They show up when they say and have the right technician for the job. So far we've been very pleased and have peace of mind their treatment will quickly and effectively eliminate the problem.

    - Monte B

    We needed a termite review for a refi and James was very professional, took time with us and deemed our house clean. We appreciated the knowledge and personable approach along with the kindness he showed to our pets.

    - Shaw C

    Had to get a termite inspection. The rate is affordable! James was amazing! Very polite and friendly. Knowledgeable when I had questions. Highly recommend Green Machine Pest control!! We’ve been with them for over 5 years.

    - Hannah Cepeda

     This is our second month of service. Doug was wonderful & I was able to let him know we are only seeing DEAD scorpions (3!) which is huge progress after five years with dozens (live) each year in the house and on the property. So far, we are very impressed & thankful.

    - Jennifer Magnano

    Scott came out today and sprayed and was very professional and courteous. I started using green machine a few months ago due to a spider infestation and now i rarely see a spider web! Great company and people!

    - Alex Culp

    Great customer service.. very knowledgeable tech. Would recommend highly as it is a family owned business.

    - Sandra R.

    Scott from Green Machine as usual, did a great job. Since using them we have seen any pests in the house or the yard. They are priced right and give a military discount!

    - Jon E.

    I have used their bi-monthly service for six years and have had outstanding service and peace of mind with each service.  The technicians are customer focused and efficient.   The products are super effective.  Thanks to Corey, Chad and the whole team!

    - Bj S.

    Cory himself (the owner) came out to meet me and provide a quote. We had concerns about potential roof dwellers and wanted to establish service at our new home. We'd left a provider that was not meeting the marks for what we wanted. Namely trying to pull the wool on customers. I'll leave that for another review.

    Cory and his assistant came by and dropped some traps for potential rats and assessed the property. Very competitively priced and great customer service from the get go. We signed up and Scott came out a couple of days later. We've been using them coming on a year and have had no complaints, only compliments!

    A great example of the exemplary service: Scott who's serviced our house since signing on left a note in the service notes saying he couldn't get into the backyard as it was locked and to call so they could service. I called that afternoon, he was back out for a day or two after and no extra charges or the like. As long as we own our home, we'll be using Green Machine. Thanks for the great service, Scott! The whole Green Machine team has been stellar so far.

    - Matt H.

    Always great service from Doug S. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. Informs us on little thing we can do to help with any pest issues. He also always bring our dog a milk bone. Very sweet. Been using Green Machine at two houses in the East Valley with zero issues.

    - Jarrett M.

    We recently moved to Green Machine for our Pest Control.  Chad is a great tech and is super friendly. We continue to recommend this company and Chad to our friends and family.

    - Sara V.

    Our second-month using GMPC and had a new technician, Scott. Although he arrived later than the appointment window, he made up for it in his quality of service along with his friendly and professional demeanor. Scott was extremely thorough in covering all interior and exterior areas. He also found a termite trail during his spraying. I appreciate their follow up email with detailed invoice that outlines the product type and amounts used. Great job!

    - John H.

    Chad does a great job. Green Machine was recommended by our past pest control service going out of business.

    - Sam C.

    Thorough, friendly and knowledgeable! A great representative and a great service!

    Thank you.

    - Denise M.

    This is how awesome my Green Machine pest control  technician is.....Doug is so personable, professional, and my dog loves when he visits. I am thankful for an amazing company who answers all my questions, triple checks my home, and makes sure my yard is thoroughly taken care of.

    - Ashley H.

    Green Machine Pest Control, Cory Hodnett (Owner) and Doug (Technician) are the best of the best! We have had their services for 1yr now and we haven't seen a big inside our home since. I would highly recommend their services and would request Doug to treat as he is a sweetheart and so personable. He was even so kind as to knock on my door after my service and tell me that the neighbors might have an ant issue as he found some wondering around in my yard. He searched everywhere to make sure I didn't have any nests. They just go above and beyond every time and I love it.
    Plus, if you're like my husband and Iand leave your home early and come home late due to work, they offer Saturdays which is perfect for the working household. They accommodate to my schedule as I like to have the inside sprayed each treatment. Can't get better than that.

    On 3/16/19 Doug visited again for another treatment. As usual he gives superb attention and loves to educate on the products he is using and what they achieve. He always checks on my propane levels and lets me know the best time to order more to get the best rates. The last time we had our service I had friends from out of town staying with us. We were wondering where to take them for a little Saturday fun with lunch and Doug suggested we take them to Goldfield Ghost Town. What a wonderful day we had. Fun place with gun slinger shows, zip lines and reptile exhibit  . Thanks again Doug, you made me look like a hero ‍

    - Sarah T.

    I had Green Machine come to our house, because I saw roof rats in the back yard and on our fence. Michael came out within a day and did a full inspection inside and out. He did a great job, we hired him to put extra screening around our vents on the roof. He did the majority of it the same day. He also put bait boxes out on our fence. I have not seen another roof rat since. We liked Michael so much we cancelled our quarterly pest service with another company to start service with Green Machine. Doug now does our pest service every other month. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. Plus our dog loves to get the treat Doug leaves for him. We are very happy with Green Machine and fully recommend them.

    - Heather C.

    Not much I can else I can say but the service is fast courteous and very thorough. Scott the technician is our guy. All the outside areas are always done and he dusts for spiders in every nook and cranny. Thank you Scott and please give him a nice top.

    - Jeddito C.

    Green Machine is the absolute best! We are on a regular pest control treatment plan, but called yesterday because I found a tick on one of my dogs. They came out this morning, did a special treatment in the back yard where the dogs go and there was no additional charge.

    The technician, Chad, was thorough, patient with questions, and offered helpful tips. Excellent customer service!

    - Erin C.

    Green Machine has been treating our property for about a year now, and we have not spotted even one scorpion inside or out since they started their treatments. Our technician Chad Stover is very courteous and thorough in his work. We appreciate Chad and Green Machine!

    - Kenneth B.

    I love the reminders, the service, and information Doug gives me every time he comes.

    - Shawn S.

    The technician was professional, amicable and thorough! My Max loved him!

    - Linda G.

    Doug came to meet us today and very helpful gave us a lot of help spraying thing down making sure we knew what to do in case of bug sighting.

    - Nancy S.

    Excellent job and listened to my needs. Very pet friendly too !

    - Lindsey H.

    Chad from Green Machine pest control services my home and is always professional and very friendly !! Highly Recommended

    - Rachel E.

    Todd was a pleasure to work with. He's affable and competent.

    - Jerry E.

    Awesome customer service! Scott is super friendly and is an animal lover! Highly recommended!

    - Clarissa M.

    Had our first service done last week, everyone within the company has been super helpful and genuine from the get go. Very knowledgeable and seem to have done a good job. Haven't had any issues since the service.

    - Dan T.

    Doug did a great job yesterday. Very thorough.

    - Joseph P.

    Scott was my technician. He was very thorough and delivered everything they said they would on my initial phone call. I know this was the first actual service but I am impressed. I would definitely recommend this company for your pest control. I have tried 3-4 other companies and at best they spent 10 minutes. Scott was here over an hour and there was evidence that he actual used product ! Imagine that :-) stay tuned for updates because I will deliver ! Thanks green machine!

    - Danna C.

    Excellent work today. The technician did a good job inside and outside of the house. Thanks!!!

    - Anabelle U.

    I met Cory, the owner, And one of his techs (I forgot his name) when they stopped by my house offering a free inspection for roof rats.  They claimed that my neighbors down the street were  experiencing a problem with roof rats and so they wanted to make sure all of the neighbors were rat free.
    First thing that came to my mind was "Yeah right.  These guys are just trying to market themselves."  So I played the ignorant ditzy girl roll just to see if they would tried to con me.

    I let them in and they went to the backyard to check around the citrus trees.  They thoroughly examined the fruit that dropped to the ground for evidence of being eaten by rats.  Then the tech went up to the attic.  He was up there for a bit then called for Cory to "come take a look at this".   I dont go up there EVER so I don't know what they were looking at but they both came down and proceeded to check around the outside perimeter of the house and noticed a little screen missing from one of those little holes up towards the roof.  They offered a service where they would come out and make sure any holes or potential spaces where a critter could squeeze into the house, would be sealed.
     I declined their offer and asked them what the conclusion of the inspection was.  They said I was all good.  No signs of any rat infestation.

     I was shocked!  I knew that we didn't have a problem with rats but I wanted to test their integrity and honesty.  They were just about to leave when I asked them about other services they provided.  I already had a reliable and very effective pest control service subscription but I like to support my local small businesses. Because I value their honesty and integrity and Cory and his tech didn't try to sell me services that I didn't need, I cancelled my bug service and switched to Green Machine for my scorpion and bug control.  Haven't seen one scorpion!  

    After we had a couple weeks of random rain, I did notice a few creepy crawlers in my driveway SO I texted Cory and he sent out a tech the very next day to retreat at no charge.  I really like EVERYONE at Green Machine.  Their prices are affordable, the service and techs are very knowledgeable and courteous, and I highly recommend them to anyone!

    - Kathleen R.

    Doug is the nicest guy! He just came by to do a last minute appointment that he was able to squeeze in for me. He had a big biscuit treat for my dog & treated all of my house plants while treating every perimeter of each room, gave me the best tips for things to watch out for in my home, & helped me figure out where/why/how got maggots near my sliding door (reason the for last minute emergency appointment). Green Machine is literally the best, we've had them nearly 2 years now,  & I don't think we would look anywhere else. Thank you so much Doug for all of your help!

    - Veronica B.

    I do recommend this business. The tech was friendly and knowledgable and they took care of a roof rat issue that we had.

    - Esther K.

    Doug is always courteous and thorough. I highly recommend this company when you're looking for getting rid of your little critters in you home.

    - Lily K.

    Always quick and super helpful keeping the bugs away. Thank you Doug for doing such a great job. The dog bone was a nice touch too:)

    - L M.

    Highly recommend! I've been using in 2 houses now. All pests eliminated. Schedule is flexible and Doug even brought treats for my dogs! Gave some great advice for keeping scorpions away from my new baby too.

    - Megan M.

    I've had Green Machine Pest Control for over a year now, I would highly recommend them. I have a small dog that is free to go outside with a doggie door. I used to worry about the scorpions in the backyard, but green machine has kept them away completely. They also send out a text reminding you when they're coming, which is extremely helpful to unlock the gate when you're not going to be home. Ask for Doug since he always comes with treats for the dog!

    - David B.

    Doug always does a great job. He is very thorough and very good with the pets. I have not had any issues with pest since I started using Green Machine.

    - Cliff N.

    Always does a great job! Don't see any bugs inside my house anymore!

    - Rhonda P.

    Very happy with their service. Our technician is Doug and he is awesome!!

    - Debbie H.

    My Mother in Law was home at the service and she said that Scott did a great job. Thank you for being so thorough!

    - Nikki D.

    Chad came to do my bimonthly service. He was very professional. I appreciate the service tech always puts on "booties" as to not track in any dirt on the carpet and floors. He did a very through job spraying inside and outside the house as well. I am pleased with the service and I would recommend this company for all pest control needs.

    - Lydia M.

    My mother was really upset about having rats.  She talked to her HOA and the city & neither neither could do anything.  I contacted Green Machine.  Corey responded right away.  He scheduled to have someone come out.  The technician was professional, friendly and really took the time to explain everything to me.  Even showed me the bait and explained the different kinds available.  Very, very thorough!  It has only been a week and my mom has not seen any activity.  Highly recommend this company!!

    - Ginny W.

    Great working with Cody. Very personable and knowledgeable. I know I will be taken care of. DIE roof rats!

    - Jerry U.

    The service rep, Eli, was very professional and had a great attitude. He was actually able to catch one of the roof rats himself, within minutes of arriving at my home. I'm very pleased with this company and would recommend highly.

    - Faye Z.

    Eli was extremely thorough and was so knowledgeable about our issue. We thought we had a roof rat in the attic, but we didn't. He spent time IN the attic and ON the roof checking every access point. I was impressed with the entire company!! We will be using them again.

    - Susan M.

    I so appreciate Alex's willingness to share details about tackling our roof rat issue and his suggestions for solving it. I'll talk with neighbors to launch a joint attack. Green Machine terminated termites successfully a few years back. Very trustworthy and thorough.

    - MoPat K

    Cody was prompt, thorough & addressed my roof rat issue quickly!!

    - Kimberly H.

    Freddy did a great job examining our house for possible rat infestation. He was very courteous and efficient.

    - Ron D.

    Boyd was very professional each time we interacted. He explained how the rats were getting inside and mitigated their access. He always called with an e.t.a. and serviced my traps and bait boxes quickly.

    - Greg B.

    Todd did a great job. He was thorough, and communicated with us well. We very much appreciate that we no longer have roof rats in our home!

    - Rachel L.

    This group has done what they needed to do.
    They are the 3rd pest control group that I hired in the past 2 months.
    Customer service is awesome!
    So far they trapped 2 rats in one week.

    - Morton M.

    Our roof rat infestation was taken care of with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. The technician we had was polite, punctual and knowledgeable and took care of the problem in three weekly sessions. We recommend this company highly.

    - Irene T.

    Michael was the technician who came to my home today to inspect for roof rats. He answered all my questions and gave me options based on what he found.
    Michael repaired my attic vent screen, and added some screens to the roof vents.
    Michael did great work.

    - Adam S.

    I am was very pleased with Eli. He did a four-point inspection of my house which included termite or rat. Thank God I don’t have any of those and then he sprayed inside being sure to avoid my dogs area and dish and everything which I was grateful for and that was about it. I’m well pleased with this company. I would recommend it highly.

    - Francine A.

    Saw a mouse or roof rat on back porch go into hole in house. Called Green Machine and got a free check up from Dallas. Very though, polite, and professional. Recommended a good course of action that I accepted. Scheduled to return soon. The business has a good BBB rating also.

    - John R.

    When I called to schedule my appointment, Cory was friendly, showed genuine concern for my rodent issue and was extremely informative. Michael was the technician who came to my home today to inspect for roof rats. Again, he answered all my questions and gave me options based on what he found. Michael did great work. I will definitely refer this company.

    - Marti B.

    We are very pleased with the service from Green Machine and its service representative Michael Birch. The entire process of eradicating the roof rats went smoothly and successfully. The process of scheduling appointments and Michael's thorough and conscientious service is appreciated.

    - David R.

    This company is such a pleasure to work with: they are attentive, accommodating, and easy to reach. Chase was so helpful and explained all our options. He did great work getting rid of the rats that were terrorizing us. He was in the attic and on the roof despite the high temperatures. This company is excellent, a five-star operation.

    - Steve S.

    Great team and they fixed our roof rats issue in a timely matter-thanks Green Machine!

    - Matthew L.

    Terrific job, as usual. I'm not an expert, but I can see their success rate when they walk out with their trophies of big fat rats. I especially enjoy their passion for "rat psychology." Their technician told me that if he can think like a rat he can do a better job. And I agree! I always feel good when they do follow-ups after plugging holes or setting traps. They're on the ball for us.

    - Joe

    Dallas from Green Machine arrived on time, quickly confirmed my roof rat situation and identified where they were getting in. We're now on a 4 week mission to trap and remove them and to keep them from coming back.

    Update: Forgive me for not posting pictures of the rats we caught. That would have just been gross, but I'm really glad they're gone!

    - Ross G.

    He was GREAT. They were straight up honest. It was not all about signing me up for a monthly fee. It was about solving my roof rat problem. He was honest. SUPER knowledgeable and informative. I understood what, how, why I had this problem.
    Nicest, fair ,kind, understanding. I do recommend this company and the tech I worked with. He was so very honest. I interviewed 3 other companies.

    - Angie

    Cody performed the first post roof rat treatment inspection today and found no rats in any attic traps or outside bait boxes. I believe he had sealed my house so effectively in the "exclusion" treatment last week that those rodents can no longer find a way into my attic. So far, this appears to have been the perfect solution to my problem.

    - Paul

    I had a terrible problem with what I thought at first was mice but turned out to be rats under my house chewing the foundation! You could hear them thumping and gnawing at all hours of the night. My little dog was going crazy! But Green Machine worked with me and sent out a very knowledgeable technician, Mason, who was very kind and very informative and went out of his way to help me through this. I would highly recommend Green machine and ask for Mason!

    - Linda W.

    Alex was very thorough with his inspection. He also put some cleaner down my drains to prevent bugs from coming up through them. When I mentioned I had problems with roof rats previously (not during the summer, however) he went on the roof and checked all places where rats could get into the house and put wire grids on the pipes that were not covered. I was impressed with his helpfulness and his knowledge. The was my second visit from Green Machine, and there will be another follow-up visit in a couple of weeks. Excellent service.

    - Judy K.

    Gabe, the tech was great to work with. He made an unpleasant process pack rat control a very nice journey with his personable and professional approach. I ended up taking time to gab with Gabe about hive and colony insect behavior, scorpion and camel spider horror stories and most delightfully, the best variety of lizards that make the best pets. Gabe's knowledge and enthusiasm about his line of work give me confidence in Green Machine for all future pest control needs.

    - David W.

    Green Machine Pest Control was honest and showed a lot of integrity when they did an inspection at my house. Rates have been in the Ahwatukee neighborhood and I put out rat traps on my own and caught some rates on my roof and in my backyard. I was still concerned that rates might have been on my property so I called Green Machine for an inspection. Brandyn, the technician, was incredible. He came out and inspected my house, my attic, my garage and back yard. He indicated that everything I had done on my own was sufficient and that he saw no evidence of rats in the attic or my house. The inspection was free of charge. Brandyn and Green Machine showed incredible honesty and integrity as they could have recommend services and charged me like other companies might have but instead, they confirmed that there was nothing that needed to be done. When I tried to trip Brandyn and pay something for his company's inspection, he said it was not necessary and declined to take anything. I cannot state how pleased and surprised I am with the integrity of this technician and his company. He offered some suggestions to keep the rats off my property and again, he and his company did so at no cost. I highly, highly recommend Green Machine Pest Control!!!!

    - K.L. K.

    I was extremely impressed by Doug Souther's knowledge of our two problems in our house (cockroaches and roof rats.) I was also extremely impressed about his empathy techniques regarding our shared interest in Yes, and his rather obscure and correct (since I had already known about this) knowledge regarding Olias of Sunhillow and where I could find information on YouTube. I am glad we have him for our bug spraying. He also went out of his way by checking our traps and bait boxes, which a different excellent crew from Green Machine usually handles our roof rat problem, which now appears to be solved! Doug, Cody, and Boyd are excellent pest techs, as well as being just great all-round nice guys! Thanks, and you are always welcome back. Give these guys all raises, please!

    - Zach C.

    Eli came and did an inspection of my house for termites. I wasn't at home but he was very professional with my sister and her husband.

    - Abraham O.

    Alex was very pleasant and explained the whole treatment process very well. I enjoyed dealing with him for the termite treatment estimate and am confident that they will do an excellent job.

    - Julie K.

    Green Machine came out a year after a termite treatment at my home. I haven't seen any termite activity since and the capable technician who came today apparently didn't either, so I'm happy. Great service from good people!

    - Mark L.

    Cody came out and was very thorough with the information he gave me and also with the treatment and spraying of the house. Cody is always very friendly when he comes out and does a great job. Thanks man. Staci Stringfellow

    - A. Sanchez

    I had a very positive experience with Bradley. He came out this morning to treat my house for termites. He was very professional, very kind and took the time to explain answer my questions. I feel confident I chose the right company for my pest control. Thank you, Bradley !

    - Tannaz M.

    Brad and Mason did a great job installing my termite bait stations. He even provided a map of where they placed the stations for me to keep. Really nice company, everyone I've had contact with is professional and very nice. I highly recommend them.

    Update: Brad came out for my yearly bait inspection. Professional and Friendly as always.

    - Mal. T

    The people are so friendly and helpful. Cody came out to our place and did a thorough investigation. Such a great guy!! Explained our issues and treatment options and the prices and warranty are great.

    - Lmarie M.

    Met with Eli who did a termite inspection and gave us a quote. I also talked to some of the office staff and had a great experience. Eli was extremely professional, kind, and respectful-he even asked if he should take his shoes off before going through the house. Seems like a great company.

    - Douglas K.

    The pest control technician was very professional and extremely knowledgeable regarding pest control issues. He is a great asset to your company. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars (with 5 being the best) I rate him as a 5 star employee. Well done!

    - Reynaldo C.

    Met with Alex, from Green Machine Pest Control regarding a treatment for an active termite issue, and also to discuss a new whole house treatment as well.
    He was very thorough with the inspection of our property and I'm confident Green Machine Pest Control will do an excellent job.

    - Alex H.

    I saw right away that I had termites and started setting up quotes. Alex was able to come the next day and spent allot of time looking over my house and explaining everything to me. He was patient with all my questions and answered them thoroughly. Alex was amazing. I went with your company because of him!

    - Betty W.

    Brandyn with Green Machine did a thorough termite inspection and recently installed termite stations and roof vent caps. He is very knowledgeable, professional and kind. We are very pleased with his service as well as the other GM pest control reps! Thank you for your great service!

    - Marge K.

    I have been using this company since 2018 with bi-monthly treatments. Their guarantee is awesome. They come back if you ask them too. They did termite inspection and treatment too. They cleared out almost all my scorpions in 2018. The only ones left come from the alley or neighbors. I would recommend they to anyone. Cory is an awesome owner. All technicians and admins are polite and customer oriented. If you want to run a good business, customers come first and that is what this company is all about. Keep up the great work and don't let big Corp take you over.

    - Anonymous