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How Do I Know If I Have Rats?

Have you ever been in your kitchen late at night, and you thought you heard something scurrying about? Or maybe you’ve spotted mysterious gnaw marks on food packages, and you can’t figure out where they’re coming from?

If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I know if I have rats?” you’re not alone. It’s a question that plagues many homeowners, and the answer could be closer than you think. As a resident of sunny Tempe, Arizona, you might think that rats are the last thing you’d have to deal with.

After all, it’s not like we’re living in a post-apocalyptic world where rats roam the streets like furry bandits. But the reality is that rats can be a problem no matter where you live, and Tempe is no exception.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Signs You Might Be Sharing Your Home with Uninvited Rodents

Rats are no laughing matter. They can cause extensive damage to your home, contaminate your food, and spread diseases. Once they’ve found a cozy spot in your home, getting rid of them can be a real headache. But don’t fret; Green Machine Pest Solutions has your back.

If you suspect you have rats, it’s crucial to identify the issue quickly and take action. So, how do you know if those little critters have made themselves at home in your house? Let’s find out!


Late at night, when the house is quiet and you’re about to drift off to sleep, you might hear a strange sound—a soft pattering of little feet, perhaps?

Rats are nocturnal creatures, and they tend to come out when the lights are off. If you hear scurrying or scratching in your walls, ceilings, or floors, that could be a sign that rats are your unwanted roommates.


Rats are voracious chewers, and they leave their mark wherever they go. If you discover gnaw marks on food packages, furniture, or wiring, that’s a strong indicator of a rat problem.

Another undeniable sign is their droppings—small, pellet-like, and typically found near their favorite spots. If you spot these, it’s time to take action.


Rats have a distinct, unpleasant odor that comes from their urine, droppings, and fur. If your home suddenly has a musky, ammonia-like smell that you can’t explain, it’s worth investigating further.


Rats are resourceful creatures and will build nests in hidden corners of your home. Look for shredded materials like paper, fabric, or insulation. You might also find burrows near your property, as rats love to dig their way into cozy spaces.


Pets often sense things we can’t. If your dog or cat starts acting strangely, like pawing at walls or corners, or if they become overly curious about specific areas, it might be a sign that they’ve detected a rat presence.

So how do I know if I have rats in Tempe AZ? That’s how 🙂

What Can You Do About It?

If you’ve identified any of these signs, it’s time to take action. You might be thinking, “How do I get rid of rats once and for all?” That’s where Green Machine Pest Solutions comes to the rescue.

With our professional pest control services, we’ll help you identify the extent of the infestation, locate entry points, and develop a customized plan to get rid of these unwelcome guests. But we don’t stop there; we’re all about prevention too.

Remember, getting rid of rats is only half the battle. Green Machine Pest Solutions specializes in making sure they don’t come back. We’ll seal entry points, advise you on sanitation, and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure your home remains rat-free.

Ready to tackle your pest problems head-on? Make sure to download our Rat Guide for expert advice on pest control. Whether you’re dealing with rats, mice, or other pests, our guide offers practical solutions to keep your home pest-free. Download now and say goodbye to unwanted guests!

How Do I Get Started with Green Machine?

Now, you might be thinking, “How do I get started with Green Machine Pest Solutions?” It’s as easy as pie. Just head over to our website to learn more about our services. We offer a free Rodent Identification Guide to help you get started on the right foot. It’s like having a trusty map in uncharted territory!

But the best part? We offer a free inspection for Tempe, Arizona residents! This is your golden ticket to a rat-free home. It’s like having a skilled detective who will uncover any hidden rat secrets in your home.

Nipping the Rat Problem in the Bud

Rats can be sneaky, but they’re no match for your determination and Green Machine Pest Control. Now that you know how to answer the question “How do I know if I have rats in Tempe AZ?” and you understand the solution we offer, you can breathe easy and enjoy your home without unwanted guests.

So, why wait? Check out Green Machine to grab your FREE Rodent Identification Guide and schedule your free inspection today. It’s time to take back your home from those furry intruders and enjoy the peace and quiet you deserve. Contact us today!

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