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Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Been getting the feeling you have some unwanted guests in your home lately? Rodent infestations can make you feel that way. So, how do you know you have a problem and what can you do about it? One small mouse might not seem TOO invasive, but usually one is all you see while the others hide in the distance.

Scan your house for these tell tale signs you have a rodent problem.

  • Droppings: Rodents aren’t tidy house guests. Their droppings will be found in areas most likely for them to find food – cabinets, pantries, kids rooms.
  • Mysterious Sounds: Rodents are NOISY. They squeak, they squeal and they rustle through everything. You may notice louder noises at night time or early in the morning as they begin to search for food.
  • Urine Trails: Small animals, small bladders. Rodents are notorious for leaving trails of urine behind them and even making something called “urinating pillars” which are little piles of grease, dirt and urine.
  • Bite Marks: Seen any suspicious bite or scratch marks on cereal boxes? Accompanied by droppings, you can be sure you have a rodent issue.
  • Nests: Birds aren’t the only animals that build nests. Rodents like soft, fuzzy warm places to rest. They typically will gather paper, grass and twigs just like birds, and stuff them into hidden spaces in closets or walls.
  • Strange Smells: mice have a very distinctive musky odor. There is nothing similar to their scent, but if you notice an off, musky scent, you could have a mice problem.
  • Spastic Pets: is your dog or cat weirdly erratic? They can probably hear or see the little rodents running around.

Rodents are nocturnal creatures, and they breed rapidly. Stay aware of your surrounding to be sure you can protect your home against a rodent infestation. Because they are nocturnal, it’s easy for rodents to slip by for weeks without your knowledge, but catching and addressing the problem sooner rather than later will save your home. Contact a professional for the most effective and humane way to remove rodents from your home. At Green Machine Pest Control we value your home and family, so we’ll restore the balance as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Call us today (480) 470-5266.

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