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There’s a New Scorpion King and It’s Green Machine!

We’ve done over 30,000 Scorpion treatments and we know everything about them.

  • Where they eat
  • Where they live
  • Where they breed
  • How they get in the house

And most importantly: How to keep Scorpions OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!
We are so confident, we are putting $100 on it. If you ever have to call us out in between services because you have a live scorpion inside your home, we will pay you $100 to come re-treat your home.

You read that right.ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!

Killing Scorpions is how we got started. Our first 90 customers were in one square mile in Gilbert and all of them had Scorpions. We made it our mission to give our customers peace of mind when it came to pest control. Our customers don’t want Scorpions in their homes for so many reasons. I’m sure you can recall at least a few:

  • Protect your babies that put everything in their mouth
  • Keep your pets away from them so they don’t get stung
  • Walking around in the dark to go to the bathroom
  • Worried there is a Scorpion in your shoes
  • Picking up wet towels off the floor
  • Kids running around with bare feet
  • Sliding your hand under your pillow
  • Closing the shower curtain

So what do we do in this new program that’s so special?

We start off by sealing up your cinderblock wall around your property. How does that affect your home? Well that is the breeding ground, the nesting area, the spot where they get it on to produce hundreds more little venom injectors. Ask anyone with a black light where they find Scorpions. They will point to the wall first. As a bonus, this will lighten the number of Scorpions in your yard as well. Then we treat your home and yard with an extremely thorough Flushing Treatment. I’m talking every crack and crevice. Interior, Garage, Exterior, and the yard. This takes care of Scorpions as well as all of the other bugs they eat as well.

Everyone’s always asking, how do you kill Scorpions?

We only use the BEST products for the job. Ones that kill Scorpions. We also use different methods of delivery to deliver that final toxic blow. Anyone in the pest control industry will tell you Scorpions are the hardest to kill. But when you use the right products and leverage the use of liquids, granules, dust, and aerosols you end up with dead Scorpions. It’s a fact.

After our incredibly thorough Initial Flushing Treatment, our technicians will hand you a SWAG BAG full of goodies – including a black light – so you can go hunting for them if you like. Or just use them to walk around your house before bed to give you peace of mind.

From there, we schedule your services for you, communicate when they are coming up via text and email, and keep you Scorpion free!

Did we mention the warranty? Once you are on our service for 90 days the warranty kicks in and if you see a live scorpion inside your home while you are on our Scorpion Plus Program, we pay you to come back and service your home! You get $100. That’s a level of integrity never seen before in our industry. We are the best at what we do and we let our warranty speak for itself. Kick back and enjoy.

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