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We Hate Cockroaches Too!

They absolutely suck. They are horrible creatures, they are ugly, and they make you want to jump on the couch and scream like a little girl (take it from experience). 

They lurk in the dark, warm, moist places that you never want to see and that is why they are hard to get. In fact, multiple types of cockroach species can all live together because they have one goal, repopulate.


and we know how to take care of that for you. We’ve done it for countless clients, literally, read the reviews.

We know the places they hide, the things they love, and how they thrive; thus we know how to get rid of them for good.

We have an awesome service, it’s not a multiple step plan like lots of other pest control companies try to sell you. It’s a one-time treatment. Yes, one time.

We use a high commercial grade cockroach destroyer (yes, that’s the name we made up for this) and it’s actually safe to ingest and be around kids and pets.

Best part, it’s affordable.

Fill out a form, give us a call. I’ll explain the process, get you a quote, and kill them damn cockroaches.

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