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Plague of Black Beetles Swarming People’s Homes All Over the Valley!

With the monsoon season starting, you may have noticed a huge increase in bugs making their way into your home. Hundreds of residents in the valley have experienced swarms of hundreds or even thousands of little black beetles taking over their home and yard. They can make their way into bathrooms, garages, and many other rooms sometimes taking over entire walls.

Their eggs are laid in the soil and as they emerge, they are attracted to wet areas and airflow. So check around your rain gutter downspout and condensation drip lines from your AC unit, anywhere that holds water near your sprinklers like under doormats or plastic tubs, and all doorways (including the roll up garage door).

These swarms of small beetles emerged as a result of the rain we recently had. The rain hatched them from pupa state and brought the adult beetles into our world. These bugs pose no threat to humans. All they really want is to get out of the heat and find something to eat (other small insects). 

Some things you can do to prevent them from swarming in your home include sealing cracks and corners that lead to the outdoors and making sure that all windows, doors, and drains are closed and sealed. These beetles move fast so it is important to have a pest control barrier around your home to eliminate them as they travel. At Green Machine, we treat 3 feet up the side of your home and 3 feet out on the ground to give you a 6 foot barrier to keep pests out. In addition, we treat throughout the yard to hunt for areas where pests eat or breed. Rest assured, if they walk through our barrier… They. Will. Die. So give your Green Machine Technician a high 5 next time you see them!

If they do make their way into your home, give us a call and we can bring our 5 star treatment to your door :). This treatment not only kills the beetles, but it eliminates other pests like scorpions, spiders, ants, crickets, roaches, and many more. 

Give us a call today to prevent your home from being swarmed by beetles of any type! At Green Machine, our goal is to make your home, a pest-free zone. (480) 331-1009

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